November 20, 2017

Hawaii 2017 Day 8

Our late flight left us just enough time to enjoy:

One more swim and one last moment with the beautiful clouds:
One more gaze over Kapi'olani Park to Diamond Head:
And one last glimpse of the ocean over the hotel parking lots:
Thank you, Honolulu, you've been good to us.

Hawaii 2017 Day 7


We swam, and we went to Diamond Head Grill for an ahi plate:

Then we went to the state library to do some sleuthing on mrguy's Hawaii family. Did you know that one of his collateral relatives is the guy who started Aloha Shirt Friday? Me neither.
While mrguy was looking at his family's stories, my mind wandered a bit. I learned that in 1937 Myrtle K. Hilo, one of my favorite old style singers, was a meat cutter:

And then I looked at the vertical files to see what they had on Akebono:
Then we headed back to the hotel for a nap and some sunset and a dinner with mai tais and...THE VOICE!

Hawaii 2017 Day 6

We turned the corner on the week, but the hits kept coming.

On Monday we caught the bus to one of the hotels. That particular hotel has a ukulele store in the lobby. Mrguy was in the market for a new instrument. Me too.

You see I've been having an ukulele crisis of faith. I have realized that I hate the sound of the Martin tenor uke I've been playing for 30 years. But it's my baby. I have never felt comfortable with a different instrument. I have other ukes, but none of them is one I'd gig with. So I have been considering either getting a Tahitian uke (brighter sound, extra strings) or getting a different pickup for my Martin tenor. 

A different solution presented itself at the hotel ukulele store. They had everything, including this odd Kanile'a 5-string. It's light. It feels just like my Martin tenor. It has two A strings. It was inexpensive (for a Kanile'a). I bought it. I wish it had a satin finish, but you can't have everything. I'm happy.

We took the uke to the Japanese food court, which didn't really wow us. So we cut our losses, had a rice ball to tide us over, and ate lunch at Maui Brewing. With my new uke.

Later on, back at the hotel, we did some genealogy sleuthing and general hanging out and posting to Facebook and such and were getting razzed by a friend because we hadn't had a mai tai while in town. We ordered food delivered, and while we were waiting for it we went downstairs to the little restaurant the hotel has recently opened and drank the bartender's first-ever mai tai. 

It was fine, and satisfied our fb friends. But while we were drinking it at the bar, something else happened. We somehow got sucked into watching The Voice, despite the fact that it was on mute, with subtitles. We felt like anthropologists. "How does this work?" Anyhoo, on vacation you do things differently, so when our food arrived we ate it while watching The Voice in our room. And now we are hooked.
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