February 11, 2018

Oh Flu. You Will Not Have Me.

2/05: That is the bold title I gave a post two days ago, when I thought I was winning this game. Then I went back to sleep.

2/06: Today it's more like "Flu, I'm yours. Do what you will."

2/07: Today it's more like "WTF, Flu? Don't you have anything better to do?"

2/11: Today I'm just going to lay very still and hope that health happens

No really. This flu is no joke. I've been down for 11 days. I left the nest for a few hours yesterday to give a presentation. Other than that I've been holed up in the house.

The only time I let this flu get to me was when the mama needed help and I couldn't give it to her. Her weekend caregiver gave us 4 days' notice, and my sibs have had to fill in because mom couldn't be by herself and I'm too sick to go over there. I'm so used to being able to fill in all the gaps myself. When I realized I needed help myself, I quoted one of my favorite Onion articles and cried. 

Thank goodness for family.

February 3, 2018

Flu Season 2018

I overdid it for the past few months and now I have mrguy's flu.

Texas, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, mama's birthday weekend, family birthday for her 90th...

Coincidentally I started The Whole Life Challenge on the mama's birthday -- six weeks of fairly strict nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep, mindfulness and reflection. Since that day I have not had wheat, sugar (except in my coffee), cheese (except a mistake over two days that I docked myself for).

On Tuesday night the mama's cough was super nasty. I slept over there (setting the alarm to wake me every hour and check on her). In the morning I arranged for a dr. visit and antibiotics. By the end of the day my own health crashed. 

Oh. Well.

I have felt worse, but I am crossing my fingers that one more day in bed will be enough for me to be ready for work Monday. I have gotten off of my sofa-of-woe dutifully for the past two days to mount the stairs behind my house *very slowly* and do my Whole Life Challenge exercise. The only positive to this situation is that the antihistamines I'm taking are also a diuretic that is removing the bloat from WLC's required water intake.

Ah, health.

I had a flu shot. So did the mama.

January 27, 2018


The other day on the way home from work I went to do my usual opposition research (looking for Hannity on the radio dial) and he was nowhere to be found. In his place was one of those financial shows that are really just long paid advertisements. But within the show it also had advertisements. 

For salt. Ever heard an ad for salt? Me neither.

Turns out that salt has a lobby. And it wants old people to know that if you don't eat enough salt you could have health problems.

And it has a mascot, Old Salty, who you can follow on Facebook.

You're welcome.

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