October 17, 2010

NY Trip 2010 Travel

Ahhh. Vacation.

After a poopy summer of losing Paws and losing the Hawaiian band and thinking that family vacation would kiss our boo-boos and having it cause them instead, we were ready to vacate. As if to kick us out the door, work was completely gnarly on my last day, as well.

Chili's! Take me away!

Yep. Got to the airport, and found margaritas and tabloids within feet of our gate.

I had never been to Chili's, but it was a welcome refuge from the lack of relaxation that preceded it. So was Virgin Atlantic's fine choice of late night programming: infomercials.

I had forgotten how much I like infomercials. When I worked nights at the restaurant, I would stay up late and try to find some fine programming. When that failed me, I'd watch infomercials. My favorites were the ones selling contraptions that converted your hair into fancy sculptures and the ones for Rio hair straightener. So mild that you can eat it! But it made people's hair fall out. On the plane I watched a very cheesy Ron Popiel knife infomercial, and an excellent infomercial about scalp and eyebrow paint.

The trip would have been unremarkable if we hadn't been flying in on the tail end of Hurricane Natalie. We started our descent and the captain came on to let us know 1) that the guy who descended right before us had some trouble, 2) that we were going to circle for a while but 3) we only had a half hour's worth of gas. I went back to sleep. You figure it out, Captain.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, looks pleasant from what I saw of it. Some people got off the plane and took other transportation. I don't really know what happened, but eventually we got to JFK.

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