October 7, 2007


I thought I loved ginkgo trees.

Having tangled with one last week, I have to say I'm reconsidering!

While on a walk with our friends, we came across fruit on the ground under a ginkgo tree. I'd always wanted to try a ginkgo nut, and this was my chance. It was a hot day. They were warm and wrinkly, like grapes turning to raisins in the sun...and they smelled a little ripe, roasting on the hot Sacramento sidewalk.

Back home, I pulled the flesh apart to reveal the hard pistachio nut like seed inside. A rank stench filled the house. Mrguy rushed into the kitchen to open all of the windows and the back door. I will not be trying fresh ginkgo nut, it seems. Or growing a ginkgo tree.

And that's o.k.

Garden Report

The harvest has been bountiful. The pineapple guavas are huuuuge, and I made an excellent salad of grated apple, grated guava, ginger and yogurt.

And some of the Christmas cacti think it's November, and some don't:

October 2, 2007

Birthday Greetings

Our brother-in-law and mrguy have birthdays one week apart. Now that we live half the country apart it's hard to celebrate, get gifts together on time, etc. Yesterday, we received a movie of their baby cat playing with a ribbon on which "Happy Birthday Uncle MrGuy" was written. And this message, written by my sister and anonymized for the blog. mrguy loved it so much he read it over and laughed and laughed:

"We have devised a perfect system for the giving of birthday presents between Mr. Guy and The Little Man Who Lives in My House, which goes as follows: Today we went to Zipps and bought a beautiful bottle of Scotch, as though to send it to you for your birthday. We ask that you also go pick a bottle out as though to send it to TLGWLIMH for HIS birthday. But haha, this is genius! We keep the scotch. You keep the scotch. No trip to the post office & no postage costs! No possibility of breakage in the mail! What, we ask you, is not to like about this?"

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