October 21, 2017

Things I Did Not Buy Today

I barely go to estate sales any more. Work's been busy, and Mom is back home. When the Mom handoff happens, my to-do list goes up. Plus we're taking her to Texas in two weeks.

But today is Saturday and the sun is shining and I want to bake a chicken, so I went to the grocery store by myself and hit an estate sale on the way. It was super funky. Cobwebs, fly specks, mold covering the sale items, all in a narrow house that spills down a hillside.

On the top floor there was a room filled with creepy artwork of internal organs and of people getting transfusions. I found the one of the lady in traction smoking in bed pretty compelling.

 And the walls of the middle and lower floor rooms were decorated with rows and rows of sombreros, or rows and rows of tiny dream catchers. This funny friend was on the wall leading down to the lower floors. Just in time for Halloween!

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