April 24, 2011

Holy Cow

I spent the morning worrying about what might happen at a baby shower. I haven't been to many. The last one involved party games and humiliation. Not fun.

The strawberry guy was doing his biz at the corner, so I bought a flat of berries and continued on my way. I had told the organizer that I would bring fruit salad. Unbeknownst to me (who reads email, anyway?) Mrguy had also rsvped to the shower with a different dish in mind. I ended up making both.

After the fragrant business of the fruit salad was taken care of, I started on the beans and was able to try out my Bean-X Bean Stringer, a score from an estate sale yesterday. The more time I spend with this item, the more I like it. On one end is a blade that takes care of your green bean's stem end, and then there is a frencher, which frenches your beans. If you don't know what a frencher is, which clearly my spellcheck does not, it is a kitchen tool which slices your green beans lengthwise into strips. That casserole that your people have been making for the last 50 years of Thanksgivings? No matter how you make it now, it used to be made with fresh green beans sliced in this manner.

The party wasn't as scary as I thought. We hung out with our friend the rock writer, for whom this was apparently "Sarcasm Sunday," and the guy who described himself as "The 5th most Jewish-looking guy at the party,"the book reviewer and a lot of other funny guys who, like us, wanted to avoid the pinata and the kids.

As we left I saw the carcass of the pinata smashed on the ground. I hope our friends have a backup plan for birthing because their doula lives on the other side of the bridge. I will spend the next six weeks praying that the child does not arrive during rush hour.

Back at home, mrguy and I relaxed and I worked on my new Etsy store and the cats flopped on us.

I need more evenings like this, especially after delving into the unknown.
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