August 22, 2009

Today's Discovery

Today's discovery is matzo brei.

Mrguy and I needed to recharge after going to a few estate sales and decided to have breakfast at the deli.

I'd always been curious about matzo brei, so I decided to order it. I had no idea that it would be so delicious. The matzo was different in every bite: sometimes a little crunchy, sometimes creamy, sometimes toasty. The onion was sauteed until sweet and mushy. The applesauce and sour cream were definitely the subsidiary partners in this concoction, but nice to have on the side.

Should I make it at home now, or do I need to do more research at the deli?

Is this a Food Blog?

No, but the content is mainly driven by what's in my notebook and my camera, and the one thing I consistently photograph is food.

In non food news, a few weeks ago Mrguy transformed the dining room into a recording booth so that he could record Wubbie and I doing a version of Walking On Sunshine for a co-worker who was having a birthday.

This week we took a co-worker out for her last hippie meal on the west coast. It may be the finest one I have had at the Zen restaurant. The purple sauce is made of beets and shiitake mushrooms.

The outright healthfulness of that meal was offset the following day, when I had the fabulous fish below, half a cheese plate, and a cheese plate as dessert (to go).

The fish was really yummy, and I applaud anybody who is willing to invest the time it takes to prepare fava beans. Hats off to you, chef.

After lunch I had a massage and an herbal wrap and came home sooo relaxed. Karmically this was necessary, because I came home to a mini-disaster of cat barf that the ants had swarmed on. Did I mention that this unholy concoction was found in our bed?

I just laughed and cleaned it up.

Now *that's* relaxed.

August 6, 2009

Aloha Festival 2009

What a lovely Aloha Festival. Our slot was early, so it was cold. In the photo below you can just make out the teri smoke rising in the background. That sight, seen from the stage, is one of my favorite moments of the festival (as you can see from last year).

The performance went surprisingly well, but as usual I couldn't feel my fingertips.

After we took pictures, mrguy, mr finn, ms scandiwaiian and I high-tailed it over to the food booths and ate two bags of malasadas (breakfast) and then some teriyaki marlin (lunch). I just realized there was no mac salad!

Lunch was followed by shopping, an hour or so of kanikapila with people from different ukulele classes and a hot clear drive home.

How can you start out the day with numb fingers and end it with a sunburn?
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