June 26, 2016

High School Reunion

Yesterday we had an impromptu high school reunion. 

It was very nice, I have never been referred to as one of "you bitches" more often and not cared, and, in true Real Housewives / Shahs of Sunset style, we may have the next gathering at someone's second house in Palm Springs.

The weirdest part of the get-together was having people ask "Who were you?" as a way of indicating that you are not recognizable to them now. So I found some yearbook photos on Facebook and people who didn't recognize me now didn't recognize me from then, either. I have to say that other than my clothes I was rather nondescript-looking.

So other than that, we all had a nice time. Good people who I look forward to seeing next time, whether I knew them then or not. I know them now.

[side note: I wish you were there, person-who-doesn't-return-my-emails-or-texts, but I couldn't reach you]

This is the only photo I took.

GM Time

That's grand mammoo time.

She's no longer a multitasker. She's even a slow monotasker. Last Sunday I thought she'd be here at noon and she arrived at 2:30. Today at 11am she said she'd be here in a half an hour and it's 1:15.
Oh well. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.

Which is washing microfiber cloths using Orvus paste.

Despite the difference in lighting between the dining room and kitchen, the results were quite nice.

And now other laundry for the archives at work. So satisfying. 

I finally broke down and ate a piece of pizza. Too bad, mama. If there's any left, you can eat a second lunch, as you sometimes do.

June 19, 2016

Fathers Day 2016

My cousin just sent me an email with a photo of Pop, his sister and their go-cart, named Lollipop:

Hold For Mrs Guy

Mrguy has been a very busy fellow. Improv, his band...and my mom and work on my end. I don't always feel like we spend enough quality time together. So a few weeks ago I ordered tickets to a friend's play about her great grandmother who was a madam in Chinatown. And then I got tickets to W. Kamau Bell for us, and then I seized a day on our Google Calendar and marked it HOLD FOR MRSGUY. I'm on a roll.

So yesterday we headed off to the big city early, and saw two hours of people from different disciplines (chefs, game designers, musicians, forklift designers) hold forth for 20 minutes apiece about storytelling. It was very much LHH (Loving Hands of Home), and a first outing for this series, but it was great. And it came with fancy lunch in a gorgeous setting.

On the way home the weather was perfect and you could imagine the tourists deciding to move here.

After a short rest I hooked up with a guy on Craigslist and got a free and very large epiphylum to add to my collection of friends in the breezeway.

Then we went to dinner at our friend / real estate agent's house. She and her partner live in an amazing folly covered with granite rocks, surrounded by gardens and adjacent to hundreds of acres of park land. 

They'd just finished smoking some salmon. Oh darn.

We talked about houses, pickling, life stories, food, and more food. They had just bought a pizza oven at Cost Plus the other day, and there was much cooking, tossing of skillets into various fire pits, and laughing. My contributions were not great, but I volunteered to make the salad dressing, which gave me the excuse to forage in the garden (oregano, lemon balm, thyme, onions) and the fridge (fig mustard and chokecherry jam) Not every pizza pie was a success, and even that was so much fun.

 This was one of my favorite days of this year. It really felt like a weekend.

June 18, 2016

Only Blue Toys

Someone has a preference.

And The Artist has been hard at work.

June 15, 2016

Rearranging the Deck Chairs

Newt is calling for a new House Un-American Activities Committee.
Trump is calling for surveillance of mosques. 
We have a Democratic filibuster on firearms today. 

Welcome to the Hindenburg, Republicans. Next stop, Manchester NJ.

June 11, 2016

Images I've Momentarily Considered Tatooing On My Body

  1. The state motto of New Hampshire (Live Free Or Die)
  2. The 49 Mile Scenic Drive Sign
  3. A typewriter
  4. An ear of corn
  5. A kewpie doll
  6. The Sutro Tower
  7. The Yomato logo
  8. The NHK logo
To be continued...
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