January 27, 2013

I Do Not Not Like Kandinsky

I post this video for mrguy. 

We have been talking about an upcoming trip to New York to see our People and Inventing Abstaction.

Then there was the part where I said how I don't like Kandinsky. From the look on mrguy's face, it seemed there was going to be future marital difficulty...Kandinsky? Really?

Whew --  a bit later that I realized that it's Chagall that I really don't care for. I like Kandinsky just fine -- I'm just a dork who got the names mixed up.

Get yer Bauhaus on, mrguy!

January 16, 2013

An Oversimplification

I started this blog almost 7 years ago at the urging of mrguy, who said: "You should write that down". It gave me a creative outlet when I had no other, helped me consolidate my thoughts, and helped make permanent my recollections. I'm happy to have continued it, even if it only has meaning for me :)

Along the way I loved other things, like one dear, dear friend. She was one of my closest compadres, and our adventures are here for the reading in earlier years of the blog. When the blog arrived, she didn't exactly like how I wrote it. If I oversimplified a story or told it here first, I'd hear about it. She didn't want to read about it here first. I wanted to express myself. We drifted apart. It was subtle, un-Housewives-like and had nothing to do with the blog.

Once, when the friendship was young and full of love, she asked that if there was ever something wrong I speak up about it. During the drift, I did that. I asked if we could speak about what was going on with us. I really wanted to know so that I could understand, remediate, stop the drift. I got no response. Eventually the drift was permanent. It's a shame, really, but I guess it had only been important to me by that point. I'll never know, right?

There you have it. An oversimplification. And here we are, a year or so out, and I continue to wonder, wish I could fix, do-over. I miss this friendship, acknowledge its passing and crave a post-mortem that will never occur. I've withheld this from the blog despite its truly weighing on me daily. Now I'm moving on and the blog will know it first.

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