April 26, 2007

Hugh Grant in Baked Bean Debacle

It's wrong to swear at strangers, knee them in the groin and wish cancer upon their loved ones, but baked beans are an absurdly stylish weapon uncommon to most celebrities faced with intrusive paparazzo...


April 25, 2007

Ukulele band

I love uke band. Last night in class I could not stop smiling. I tried to take it all in and be right there. I'm a lucky girl.

Ukulele Festival here we come :)

April 14, 2007

The Rain Gauge Report

I was going to garden, but this morning the rain gauge had a message for me:

I've collected half an inch of rain and it's still raining.

Good thing the geese are still wearing their raincoats.

April 12, 2007

The Scratch Sheet

I could do an hour on how I like to read obituaries.

I read the obits in three newspapers: SF, Honolulu and LA. I think of them as little biographies of folks you didn't get to meet. Occasionally they're of people you did meet, and as we get older they're of our parents, our friends and eventually us. About once a month I consider writing my own, just to get a start on it for whoever needs to do the deed eventually. Sometimes I think that when I retire I'd like to work on the notices desk at the local newspaper :)

I got the obit bug from Pop, who read them every morning. He called the obit page the scratch sheet, and said if he wasn't in it it was going to be a good day. When the time came to write his, I did the honors.

Thursday's scratch sheet had obits of two people I met: Big Al, and Roscoe Lee Browne. I saw them both in restaurants where I was working. Albert was the father of one of my kindergarten friends. Already ballsy, he swallowed the self-help bait in the 1970's and got even more so. He'd swan into the middle of Diet Restaurant where I hosted and would ask loudly where his table was, no matter how many other people were waiting. Forceful and charming, he really had my number :)

And Roscoe Lee Browne, bearer of the remarkable resonant voice for which he's famous, may have been the first celebrity I ever met. He was narrating poetry for a friend's show at the station upstairs from the diner, and the need for cigarettes brought them downstairs. My friend the poet made a point of introducing us, and Mr Browne kindly made small talk with me. It was a surreal moment. Just even hearing him say "Umm-hmmm" was inspiring.

Today's obits are free of connections to mrsguy.

April 6, 2007

The Other Mrsguy

mrguy has a myspace page. And I'm bummed because I can't be his friend unless I join myspace. I'm kinda busy over here with mrsguy, and don't have so much interest in myspace, but then there are chicks with good lookin' avatars in his network and I should be one of them.

Not like I'm going to consider myspace seriously, but I figured I'd check out the brand. Darn if there isn't a mrsguy already, and she seems like a very cool church-going woman who likes music and is married to a real Mr. Guy.

In her honor I have updated my profile to include The Stars of Faith, whose "Swing Low Sweet Spiritual" would definitely be on my desert island list. You should check out their one song on itunes. Then you'll be hooked and need to go to gemm.com to find some vinyl or bootlegs.

It's gonna happen.
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