August 6, 2016

Limpics 2016

It's time for the Limpics again, and crotchety mrsguy is not feeling it.

I can only think of pestilence, pollution, and how the billions of dollars they spent on the spectacle would have been better spent on the people of Rio. I predict that by the time the Limpics are over, that place is going to be like a Superfund site.

When I was little, the Limpics were on a high, from a PR perspective. It seemed the purest and best expression of athletics. I could not *wait* to see my favorite sports. I was super into track and field, which is hard to believe now, since I am such an advocate and practitioner of sloth.

Anyway, after reading up on the 1936 Limpics earlier this year I did a deep dive into the life of Avery Brundage. For a good old slimy time, read his Wikipedia entry. Given his ties to our fair city, I am extra horrified by his thoughts and deeds.

I will be loving the empty aisles of the grocery store this next few weeks.
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