February 26, 2014

The Reveal

The Big Brown Box has been warmed, and today's the day when we receive offers from potential buyers of our old place (formerly "The New Place"). As of last night there were going to be 12 offers.

It's a little intimidating. There are some people who badly want to buy the house, and they want to present their offer to us over the phone. They did want to present to us in person. I will feel badly for them if they are not our top offer.

I am so grateful for the timing, and the amazing work of our real estate agent, MD Jr. Mrguy has put a tremendous amount of work into all of the documentation and finances, not to mention the garden, project managing a bunch of the contractors over the years, cleaning out our garage, and the host of many things he's personally done that have made this move and sale possible.

It would be really nice if we recouped what we put into the place. It would be extra nice if we recouped the down payment we made on the Big Brown Box, since our bank account is about to sue those dollars for alienation of affection ;)

Mostly, today finds me grateful for many things and many people. And excited by the thought of being finished with the buying and selling of houses for a while. And that ten bucks I'm going to win when we learn the final sale price. Mrguy doubled down on our original $5 bet over what the listing price would be.

Fingers crossed.

February 24, 2014

My Favorite Meteorite

How did I come across this? I'm not sure, but I now have a favorite meteorite.

The Williamette meteorite.

It's absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of Satoru Abe sculpture.

Don't have a picture of the meteorite, but have one of an Abe sculpture:


Think I need to add a meteorite visit to my bucket list.

February 20, 2014

A Trip to Pasadena

I just came across this letter while unpacking today. It's funny because Ms Scandiwaiian and I purchased it many years ago in a vintage store in Pasadena.

A week ago, a colleague and I were in Pasadena, sipping coffee across the street from the antique store where Ms S and I purchased the letter. I wondered where the letter was, and today it appeared, 86 years to the day from when it was written.

Weird, innit?

February 16, 2014

Good Luck, Sweet House

Today's the open house for the old place. I wish I could be there.

She's never looked better. Mrguy and our agent, MD Jr., have worked their magic, as have Cathy, Rolando, Benjamin, Mr. Sparkle, the roof guy and some lady who suggests paint colors.

The house was a blank slate when we bought it -- solid as a tank, with no flair. A symphony of brown, we called it, with paneling everywhere, farm-style light fixtures, and frilly brass switchplates on all of the light switches. Over the years of our "brown abatement program" we painted her, remodeled two rooms, added hundreds of plants and added a deck.

I have loved this house dearly. It's where our band was born, where Oscars were watched with friends, where we hosted our first Thanksgiving.

I hope she goes to a good family.

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