February 16, 2014

Good Luck, Sweet House

Today's the open house for the old place. I wish I could be there.

She's never looked better. Mrguy and our agent, MD Jr., have worked their magic, as have Cathy, Rolando, Benjamin, Mr. Sparkle, the roof guy and some lady who suggests paint colors.

The house was a blank slate when we bought it -- solid as a tank, with no flair. A symphony of brown, we called it, with paneling everywhere, farm-style light fixtures, and frilly brass switchplates on all of the light switches. Over the years of our "brown abatement program" we painted her, remodeled two rooms, added hundreds of plants and added a deck.

I have loved this house dearly. It's where our band was born, where Oscars were watched with friends, where we hosted our first Thanksgiving.

I hope she goes to a good family.

1 comment:

Richard P said...

We hope it will go to someone who appreciates it, and bet that it will. It's a lovely place.

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