March 23, 2008

Hawaii 2008 Day 5

Must to finish the Hawaii stories before moving on. Where were we?

Our friends hadn't seen the Ossipoff exhibit, and the 27th was the last day so we parted ways for a while. Mrguy and I lazed around, spurning the real live ocean for the more peaceful remade Hilton Hawaiian lagoon. Laid on the freshly groomed sand and gazed at the penthouse at the Ilikai from the opening credits Hawaii Five-0.

We felt the lure of the Ilikai, and looked at old pictures of the end of Waikiki that's familiar to us. Saw my favorite Hawaiian graffiti:

We tried to go to the Waikiki Shell, we couldn't find parking near the museum (who knew there were so many churches in the neighborhood?) and eventually headed home.

In between the clouds we took pictures of one of our favorite buildings, the Occidental Life building on Beretania. Then we ate malasadas at Leonards and went back to the hotel to rest up.

In the evening we went to see Led Kaapana at Kona Brewing. He signed my signing uke and gave me a kiss on the cheek. What a sweet guy.

In the "Anaconda Hours" (the time of day where you start telling telling crass stories) we drank ridiculously expensive Heineken at the Tapa Bar at the Hawaiian Village, and were entertained by two earnest skinny kids who looked like future dentists ready to hang up the music stuff.

To bed.

March 8, 2008

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