May 29, 2012


I never much felt like going to Italy, yet that's where I'm headed next week.

Only now there is the extra bonus of large earthquakes in the region where we'll be.

So far no forklifts have been harmed, but in a rare change of focus I'm actually worried about my own safety. Being the captain of our neighborhood earthquake preparedness group has made me wary of any sort of brick architecture in a locale with seismic activity. In Italy that's the norm. What do you see in the photos below? Big piles of brick.

Note to self: in a brick building, arches are more structurally sound. From photos you can see that concrete doorways seem to be surviving the stress / are standing where the rest of the structures are not. 

I swear that I am going to carry work gloves, water and a power bar with me at all times. The medal with the Blessed Virgin I'm wearing will not be worn for religious purposes, but for identification in case something happens.

End of dramatic interlude. 

May 17, 2012

Good Morning Forklifts!

It's our 4th session of an oral history today. 

I'm still learning how to assemble equipment, put away a diva lite and hold a china ball when I'm not also developing questions, planning and trying to stay afloat. We are having a blast.

My credit today? I think I have my choice of either Producer or China Ball Technician.

I'm a lucky girl and tuckered out.


May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Funny Lady

Went to the homeland to see the grand mamoo for Mother's Day.

Watched her talk to other people on the phone.

Then made some shrimp pasta, because if there's anything moms like, it's shrimps.

Then a certain person known as mom got sleepy while we were watching baseball at full blast (the bronchitis is still affecting her hearing).

I watered the garden a bit for her, which was a good break from los gigantes at the highest volume (50, if you're wondering).

Between innings I said "Wanna look at family pictures now?"

She said "Don't you want to go home?"

And so I did. Sometimes while we're talking, she'll just say in a cheerful tone "Goodbye!"

It was like that, but in person.

So Happy Mother's Day, grand mamoo, you nut.

I love you.

May 6, 2012

Norway Day

Biggie warts and I tried to go to Norway day yesterday. We don't have the best of luck with this.

The last time we tried to go, I got to her house, we got in my car and found that my battery had died.

This time I got to her house, looked at my phone, and found a message from my sister saying that my mom was really really sick.

Foiled again. But I was already in my car and up and attem, so I just kept heading south.

Mom and sis had come back from a trip to Italy arriving at three in the morning. Mom now had acute bronchitis.

Five hours in the emergency room later, we came home, got Mom settled in, and got her meds going. Poor sweet Mamoo.

Good thing there was an industrial spill at the forklift factory on Friday because the factory closed that day, there was no work, and I rested.

Grand Mamoo is now doing a little better.

See you next year, Norway day.

Or will we?
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