January 27, 2008

Hawaii 2008 Day 4

Saturday was filled with funny blessings. We went in search of the farmer's market and instead hung out with the Aloha State Sporting Dog Association:

Then off to find the real location of the farmer's market, but first a peek at the Waikiki Bandshell (another Hawaii Five-O location). By the time we found the farmer's market, it was pretty much wrapped up, but the nice folks at Da Spot served us up some delicious Egyptian chicken curry that was only $7, including dessert. 

We found a lava rock to sit on and took in the sights around us. The view from Kapiolani Community College is wonderful. They also have a kickin' cactus garden there in the middle of paradise.

Then off to Kaimuki, whose Goodwill has never disappointed. I came out with a green and purple silk dress. Then off to Harry's Music, where the legendary steel player Jerry Byrd used to give lessons. We bought Kanoe Miller's hula dvd there.

Then to Baileys, home of aloha shirts. I bought one that doesn't flatter me simply because the fabric is so great. And the eagle eye of mrguy spotted a pile of Hawaii Five-O scripts. I didn't buy any, but did buy a buckslip letter pressed with "'Be there -- Aloha Len Weissman.'"" Len was the show's publicist.

The new dress was working its magic later at Yard House (home of 100 beers on tap). As we left, the host literally shouted after me, and over the deafening classic rock how much he liked the dress.

By now we've been joined by ms and mr scandiwaiian. It's so fun to have our home peeps here!

After Yard House we took in a little Kanoe Miller from the hallway at the Halekulani, learned that our shorts needed to reach the ground, people, if we were going to enter Lewers Lounge, and went back to Matsugen for more soba. Yum. One wall of the restaurant is lined in Heath tile.

Honolulu closes shop early, so we walked around a bit and went to where ms' family's house was once (smack dab downtown). Then we ventured to Top of Hawaii, the state's only rotating restaurant. It was closing time, but we walked around the restaurant and admired the spectacular view. Then back to the Moana Surfrider for a Mai Tai and a walk up the beach to our home away from home.

January 26, 2008

Hawaii 2008 Day 3

Friday's goal was pretty minimal: see the Royal Hawaiian Band at Iolani Palace and see what happens next. Somehow we managed to do many things and still relax.

We went to Aloha Tower to park and discovered just how much fun a person can have for 25c. At the pier they have fish food dispensers, and the gorgeous tropical fish in the harbor come to flirt with you and challenge each other for snacks. To see regal tangs and moorish idols just hanging out there is divine. They're rock pickers, but fish with bigger mouths jump out of the water to get the pellets.

We dallied a bit on the way to the palace, stopping to take pictures of buildings and public art.

Mrguy has a great eye for art and zeroed in on the work of a sculptor he'd just learned about yesterday. This is not that sculptor :)

We stopped to see the nice guy at Reyn Spooner Rack, and mrguy scored two more aloha shirts.
By the time we got to Iolani Palace there was just the right amount of RHB: two songs.

I knew that Town has a sister restaurant at the museum across the street, so we grabbed a yummy lunch to go. Missed the tour of the capital building, but we'll try next week.

We worked our way back home through Chinatown. Bought some nice bananas and Tahitian limes, and a fruit that's yellow and starchy,  like a yam with a pit.

Saw one of Ossipoff's commissions, a bank, and stopped in to look around.

Saw more groovy architecture (this is not the bank)

Went to Brew Moon at Ward Center, and had a tasting flight of their beers, which made mrguy very happy.

And while driving on Ala Moana we recognized this place as the bar by the docks in episode 6 of Hawaii Five-O "24 Karat Kill." So we stopped to take pictures, which made mrsguy happy.

Then we made our pilgrimage to see the lovely Kanoe Miller dance and hear some pretty tunes at the Halekulani. The tide was coming in, and by the end you could see the spray reaching over the sea wall.

Then to Matsugen, to eat freshly-made soba. Wow. Cold soba with yamakake, nori, cold poached egg, okra and bonito flakes. Then home, to read my new books. 


January 25, 2008

Hawaii 2008 Day 2 Addendum

I forgot to mention that from the poolside terrace where Auntie Genoa plays you can see my favorite church in town, St. Augustine of the Sea (George McLaughlin, architect). Here's a photo of the church from last year, next to the wavy awning building that helps set off its angles:

Hawaii 2008, Day 2

Sometimes it takes more than one try to get the room right and they hooked us up on day 2.

We have now moved in

and I am writing this while sneaking peaks at Diamond Head.

Our main goal yesterday was to get to the Vladimir Ossipoff exhibition at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

We were not disappointed. It was a bit loud in the hall, which made it difficult to concentrate. The upside of this was that some of the conversations happening around us were between people who had known Ossipoff or lived in one of his homes. That was pretty neat. The IBM building (see Hawaii 2007, Day 2) was designed by him. The Pavilion Cafe was completely booked, but somehow fit us in.

In the late afternoon we went to see Auntie Genoa. Part of the experience of going to her Thursday gig is getting to see the 'ohana that comes together for the weekly ritual of her shows. Some people come every week to see Auntie and each other, to eat and dance the hula. She's not well, but is always great. The band leader, Alan Akaka, had some heavy lifting to do last night to keep it going.  Momi Bee Kawaiolaa (Auntie Genoa's 80-ish year old niece) held it down nicely on rhythm guitar and vocals.

Part of the 'ohana included our new lady friends who joined our table at the show. They invited us to the ukulele and hula classes this week, and we invited them to Aloha Sunday back home.

Hawaii 2008

Hawaii seems especially lush this year. 

I noticed it first from my table at the La Mariana Sailing Club.

At first I thought I was imagining it, in my enthusiasm to be here, but even Diamond Head looks green this year.

We made our pilgrimage to the beach, and played uke. 

I have a sweet spot for seeing the cruise boats at sunset.

Old habits die hard, so we ate at the restaurant we call "Mama, that's wasabi." Read day one of last year's Hawaii trip if you need that explained :)

Our preferred local programming was preempted by local sports. If we ever move here, we're never going to make any friends unless we embrace local sports.

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