January 26, 2008

Hawaii 2008 Day 3

Friday's goal was pretty minimal: see the Royal Hawaiian Band at Iolani Palace and see what happens next. Somehow we managed to do many things and still relax.

We went to Aloha Tower to park and discovered just how much fun a person can have for 25c. At the pier they have fish food dispensers, and the gorgeous tropical fish in the harbor come to flirt with you and challenge each other for snacks. To see regal tangs and moorish idols just hanging out there is divine. They're rock pickers, but fish with bigger mouths jump out of the water to get the pellets.

We dallied a bit on the way to the palace, stopping to take pictures of buildings and public art.

Mrguy has a great eye for art and zeroed in on the work of a sculptor he'd just learned about yesterday. This is not that sculptor :)

We stopped to see the nice guy at Reyn Spooner Rack, and mrguy scored two more aloha shirts.
By the time we got to Iolani Palace there was just the right amount of RHB: two songs.

I knew that Town has a sister restaurant at the museum across the street, so we grabbed a yummy lunch to go. Missed the tour of the capital building, but we'll try next week.

We worked our way back home through Chinatown. Bought some nice bananas and Tahitian limes, and a fruit that's yellow and starchy,  like a yam with a pit.

Saw one of Ossipoff's commissions, a bank, and stopped in to look around.

Saw more groovy architecture (this is not the bank)

Went to Brew Moon at Ward Center, and had a tasting flight of their beers, which made mrguy very happy.

And while driving on Ala Moana we recognized this place as the bar by the docks in episode 6 of Hawaii Five-O "24 Karat Kill." So we stopped to take pictures, which made mrsguy happy.

Then we made our pilgrimage to see the lovely Kanoe Miller dance and hear some pretty tunes at the Halekulani. The tide was coming in, and by the end you could see the spray reaching over the sea wall.

Then to Matsugen, to eat freshly-made soba. Wow. Cold soba with yamakake, nori, cold poached egg, okra and bonito flakes. Then home, to read my new books. 


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