June 26, 2016

High School Reunion

Yesterday we had an impromptu high school reunion. 

It was very nice, I have never been referred to as one of "you bitches" more often and not cared, and, in true Real Housewives / Shahs of Sunset style, we may have the next gathering at someone's second house in Palm Springs.

The weirdest part of the get-together was having people ask "Who were you?" as a way of indicating that you are not recognizable to them now. So I found some yearbook photos on Facebook and people who didn't recognize me now didn't recognize me from then, either. I have to say that other than my clothes I was rather nondescript-looking.

So other than that, we all had a nice time. Good people who I look forward to seeing next time, whether I knew them then or not. I know them now.

[side note: I wish you were there, person-who-doesn't-return-my-emails-or-texts, but I couldn't reach you]

This is the only photo I took.

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