August 22, 2009

Is this a Food Blog?

No, but the content is mainly driven by what's in my notebook and my camera, and the one thing I consistently photograph is food.

In non food news, a few weeks ago Mrguy transformed the dining room into a recording booth so that he could record Wubbie and I doing a version of Walking On Sunshine for a co-worker who was having a birthday.

This week we took a co-worker out for her last hippie meal on the west coast. It may be the finest one I have had at the Zen restaurant. The purple sauce is made of beets and shiitake mushrooms.

The outright healthfulness of that meal was offset the following day, when I had the fabulous fish below, half a cheese plate, and a cheese plate as dessert (to go).

The fish was really yummy, and I applaud anybody who is willing to invest the time it takes to prepare fava beans. Hats off to you, chef.

After lunch I had a massage and an herbal wrap and came home sooo relaxed. Karmically this was necessary, because I came home to a mini-disaster of cat barf that the ants had swarmed on. Did I mention that this unholy concoction was found in our bed?

I just laughed and cleaned it up.

Now *that's* relaxed.

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