February 24, 2008

Oskah -- Morning Pre-Show

Oskah! is ladies' day, according to mrguy. In preparation he has repainted the bathroom cabinets, recaulked the bathroom, repainted the fireplace, and I know I'm missing other important elements of beautification he's undertaken. He's a man on a mission of loveliness.

I, on the other hand, am on a mission of health. I have been laying low, but yesterday I came out of my lair like Punxsatawney Phil to speak to a class at my alma mater, then we procured items for today, and I went back to my burrow.

One of my favorite finds at the fish store was the pre-wrapped rice ball nori. Now I can make my own rice ball. That's awesome. While buying snacks, mrguy deliberated about whether to get regular or Men's Pocky. He concluded there should be "no dude Pocky for Oskah!"

After my long rest, it's time to get crackin' so we can commence to snackin'

And prepare my five dollars for its journey home with Tiny But Mighty.

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