June 23, 2008

Cito Gaston

I need to interrupt the retelling of the amazing girls' sumo weekend to say that mrguy has informed me that Cito Gaston is managing the Toronto Blue Jays again.

OMG!!!!!! I am so excited!!!

You probably don't understand, if you're not a Birds fan. Cito managed the Blue Jays during the happy years, the winning years. He was a player's manager who stood by his guys when they struggled. He seemed like a gentleman. When they got rid of him, I wept. When they rehired him a few laters (as batting coach, I think?) I cheered.

One of his replacements as manager included Tim Johnson, a person who tried to motivate his players with his stories of being in 'Nam. Gross enough, but then it turned out that he was stateside the whole war. Idiot.

It's never been quite the same since Cito left.

I can't believe it. Happy day :)

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