February 1, 2009

Hawaii 2009, Day 8

The last day in Hawaii always ends up being a road trip.

First, we were jonesing for some nature. We'd hoped to snorkulate at some point, but the weather turned rainy and that wasn't possible. As a substitute for watery pursuits, mrguy found us a walk to take in Koko Crater. There many plumeria to enjoy, but one of the best items we saw was this bush with large, oddly-shaped fruit.

After Koko Crater, we made our way through Waimanalo, stopped at the nut shop again, and did a photo op for the girl band. AM940 played The Gabby Band's version of Ipo Lei Manu as we passed through town.

One of our goals for the day was to see the site of the Marconi wireless telegraph plant in Kahaku because of this article we'd read in Hawaiian Airlines magazine. This destination was also in keeping with our interest in electricity and other technologies coming to Hawaii.

Once in the North Shore, we stopped at Banzai Pipeline beach. I spent most of my time at this stop peeling one of Senator Fong's enormous pomelos that had been our mascot this day. Other tourists began to watch me, as I struggled somewhat to pry it apart. Ouch! Eventually I asked mrguy to help. It was delicious, like a delicate and perfumier of grapefruit.

Next we stopped for turtles, which are near and dear to ms scandiwaiian's heart. There were more turtles at the turtle beach this year, and some were bobbing around in the surf. I'm not the turtliest person around but seeing them in the wild like this, swimming in the surf and eating limu off the rocks, for crying out loud, was really great. Occasionally we'd see a flipper break the water, or a head would rise to the surface and we were close enough to be able to see the pattern on the turtle's neck. A big monk seal slept on the beach and periodically scratched himself or blew the sand out of his snout. It's a seal's life, I tell you.

Before dinner in Kaimuki, we made another Goodwill stop. Mr finn kindly let me buy these awesome glasses that he'd found. Mrguy made us a potion in them later that evening.

And so concludes Hawaii 2009. A happy, yummy vacation with wonderful friends, music, some turtles, lots of fruit and a tip of the hat to technology.

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