June 16, 2009

Anniversary Road Trip

The summer before I entered grad school, we contemplated moving to a small funky town on the water that was about an hour closer to school than the town where we were living.

That plan never got beyond the "Hey, let's go live over there" point, and I'd never seen the place in real life until this weekend, when I asked mrguy to take me there for our anniversary. Time for a road trip. We had a lovely breakfast outdoors:

Then we went to that small town and walked their trails for a while:

Then we wandered around and took pictures of old stuff.

Then we headed to another small town nearby that has a hula halau and some Victorians. On the way to our final destination we stopped at a rummage sale in a mobile home park.

Our final destination was another small town that coincidentally happened to be celebrating Charlie Chaplin Days. Charlie Chaplin impersonators scare me a little bit, but if you pretend you don't see them they can't get you. As an anniversary present to ourselves we bought a page from a calendar produced by the Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company.

Goes well in the kitchen.

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