April 24, 2010


I've been thinking about scents ever since Kaohsiung, where I bought L'Eau by Diptyque. L'Eau bewitches me, and I hope I'm not the only person who likes it. It goes on strong and herbal. Not usually my scent profile. The green notes quickly recede, and are replaced by clove, which is a favorite scent of mine. Eventually the scent is transformed a third time, leaving a fragrance of sweet musk. 

It seems like every time I sniff my wrist the perfume is different, and yet there was something about it that was so familiar that I became preoccupied with it. I recently identified it: Sen-Sen. Maybe that means it has licorice notes also....

Other favorite scents from the past, in chronological order:

  • My childhood locket that came with a little sponge inside and lily of the valley perfume to put on it
  • White Shoulders (even had the soap)
  • Di Borghese (gift from a friend's mom)
  • Tatiana
  • Madame Rochas
  • Occasional forays into Kouros (men's cologne popular in dance clubs)
  • Various hippie oils from The Body Shop
  • Chanel 19
  • Poison
  • Eternity For Men
  • Amarige
  • Madame Rochas again
  • Oscar
  • Incense Jaisalmer
  • L'eau
  • Incense Kyoto (May 2010)
  • Spice Bomb (June 2012)

Who will be next?

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