May 31, 2010

Japanese Oscars

Went to dream Japan last night, as Dennis Hopper's escort to the Oscars. The whole thing was being taped in Japan and green screened so it would look as if it had been taped at Kodak Theater as usual.

Dennis disappeared pretty close to the time his category was going to be announced. I looked for him in the theater, which seemed pretty empty all of a sudden. Then I noticed that all the male nominees were stripped to the waist and participating in some sort of skit in which they were rowing a huge ship. Again, it was being green screened. I went to check on Dennis, because he was very ill. Everybody knew this would be his final awards season.

While I looked around for Dennis Hopper, I noticed Chiyotaikai walking up the aisle. I was dying to find someone who could tell me if there were other sumotori in the house. An usher helped me find my seat, which was next to that tall gangly new guy on The Office.

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