July 25, 2010

Japan 2010, Day 6

We saw our friends in Yokohama on this day.

I loved watching the view disappear behind us on the way to see them.

They met us at the station, and we walked to the Ramen Museum. I loved this place but it was impossible for me to take a good picture in it because the light was so dim. At street level are dioramas of life in a section of Tokyo in 1958. What's not to like?

Below are restaurants selling various regional variations. When I asked Mr. H which was his favorite. "The one with the shortest line". Brilliant man, that Mr. H.

After eating his favorite ramen, we went across the street to a coffee shop for dessert. I had brought my 45s along to show them. Away from the bustle of the ramen museum we could have a little better chat. They thought the records were pretty funny. I asked them to translate the names and when they got to the guy named Frank, we all just about cried laughing.

Ms. S had to go back home to work (insert sad my face here), so it was the guys and I for the rest of the afternoon. They showed us the harbor, which was just beautiful. A wine festival was happening, so there were improbable tunes in the air (do I remember salsa?). We bought a few beers and walked to the water. It was windy and bright and cozy.

We broke up the party, went back to Tokyo to go shopping at Tokyu Hand, then home to Akasaka. Wandered around looking for a good place to eat and ended up at An-An, which was expensive and filled with tourists. I did manage to have ginko nuts, which I'd wanted to try for many years.

I don't need to ever do that again, and that is a great thing to know.

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