October 29, 2011

Tater Harvest

It's about that time of year, or at least I think so. I have not been schooled in potatoes -- I simply toss them in a tub full of dirt and see what happens.

Today was a summer day that just happened to occur in late October. The weather was warm, there were estate sales, and mrguy was out practicing for a show next week and rescuing a bird that needed to go to the wildlife rescue center.

I stayed home with the cats and sewed them two catnip toys. Then came the pineapple guava harvest. Then I just couldn't keep my hands off the potato tub.

This was today's bounty:

All that and our alula is finally in flower.

1 comment:

wst? said...

Ahhh, now that is a good day - taters just top it off very nice!

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