January 3, 2012

Let's Bring Back The Book!

I'll admit it. The Internet is my favorite toy. I can't be apart from it for very long. It's my binkie.

But remember books? Those objects I keep buying and not finishing? This is the year. I want to finish books I've half-read. I want to buy books and not feel guilty. I want to reread a few things (because I have a brief attention span).

I'm starting my resolution by cheating. I read this first book before the first of the year:

Read this book and you will know more about Darrell Hammond than you ever wanted to. I say that not because he isn't interesting. He's fascinating. That someone survives a childhood as frightening as his and is able to function at all in society is remarkable. And except for the amazing focus he develops in his work, little of his adult life, fame included, seems at all enviable. His successes often turn into horrifying messes of his own making. His vulnerability to his demons leads to awful, sorrowful stories. I will always worry for him now, despite how well he seems to be doing.

Whoa. Hard first book.

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