February 4, 2012

Sunbeam Egg Cooker

Oh glorious day.

Mrguy and I selected some estate sales and headed off this morning. There wasn't much at the two sales we went to, but I came home completely satisfied because I found a 1956 Sunbeam Egg Cooker. 

Why would one care?

This is the egg cooker of my childhood. For that reason alone it has great power, having created every hard boiled egg and every Easter Egg of my childhood. 

Plus it's just a beautiful object. It looks like a spaceship. Its thoughtful design incorporates the egg pricker and the measuring cup. And it's easy to use. Add water, insert eggs, throw the switch and in 3 minutes you have a poached egg.

We weren't entirely sure what would happen when we sparked it up, but it started making little pinging noises and steam poured out of its lid.
Here are the results:

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