June 10, 2012

Finals Week

That's what this week has felt like, and the end is now in sight.


Monday: presentation to a vendor on behalf of another department. 'Olelo class
M-F: Hammerslag Singers Rehearsals
Tues, Weds: Three Letters rehearsal, Hawaiian band rehearsal
Saturday: Rehearse with the halau. Yearly forklift release party and Hammerslag Singers performance.
Today: Fly to Italy

Here are some photos from the forklift party. First, mrguy's suave cufflinks. He wore his new suit and looked like James Bond. So suave!

And why did I polish my boots and break out my diamond and pearl cocktail ring? I trudged up a dirt road in order to take a photo with my ladies and a Clydesdale ;)

Did I mention that the whiskey tasting line was also too long? Better that way, I think!

I admit that I wore the ring because I thought it would look awesome on my finger as I tried my hand at a little archery. Sadly, the archery line was too long for me to accomplish that goal before dress rehearsal. Besides, mrguy found the perfect cool, quiet spot for us to hang out in. Seems like a lot of my colleagues from Systems did, too. My people! Perfection.

Now I am fairly relieved and have been relaxing on the sofa. 

After a week of various types of performance, all I have to do is pack and get on a plane.

I should get up now.

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