August 12, 2012

A Visit To The Shto

mrguy and I just came back from the grocery store. 

It's summertime, so produce is on my mind. Can I just say that I think that the pluot is a pointless fruit? Not to be confused with "that insufferable fruit," which how James Ellroy repeatedly referred to Kevin Spacey at a book signing I went to once, but I digress.

The pluot's main flaw is that it isn't better-tasting than a plum. It has some snazzy-looking skin, but that's about it. It is only slightly more flavorful than a star fruit, and that's just sad.

News for starch lovers -- Cheezits have completely succumbed to what mrguy calls "brand cancer". They have every kind of Cheezit now, whether we need it or not. Why would you make a "Colby" Cheezit? It's kinda like advertising an American cheese flavor.

And over in the lady products aisle...wait! Where are the lady products? I asked mrguy and he directed me to what he calls "The corner of shame," a spot near the employee-only door and the fire extinguisher. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere, but I just can't find it :)

Back at the shack, I'm gathering some of our pears and some nectarines from the shto and will make a pie.

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