December 15, 2012

Voice Of The Voiceless

Why blog so much today?

This is my voice.

One month ago I came down with laryngitis. 31 days later, I still have no voice. I have about four extremely bad sounding notes in my head voice. My chest voice is there, but very wobbly. My speaking voice still cracks like Lindsay Lohan's.

It's distressing and I want my singing teacher, who the grand mammoo dearly refers to as my "other mommy". I think of her every day anyway, but especially so when I'm worried about my voice. I am consciously trying to channel her.

Because of my voice had to cancel a "gig", as well, but that was a blessing.

I should draw a veil of charity over this whole gig thing, but let's say that we were invited to a party and over a series of almost 20 emails that party invitation turned incrementally into a gig with a set list and call time. With underhanded and hilarious insults along the way. Meanwhile the "band" dwindled to mrguy and I, or as he is calling me "my frog wife". mrguy eventually said that he was going to cancel, and it made him so happy to do so. 

I love the ladies in the halau, but he was worried about having to carry the whole gig himself, and was annoyed by the way in which a casual "you might want to bring your ukes" turned into "you should arrive by 2 so you can set up your equipment".

In the meantime, I'm happy to have the day at home.

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