August 6, 2013

Balderdashia: Glorious 2013 Family Vacation Edition


mrguy and I just finished making dinner. Our family dudes are setting the table. Some dudes are working on a jigsaw puzzle. The under-50 set has retreated with a personal electronic device. All is well.

We've been in Russodad for 4 days. It's somehow extra relaxing. Last night at dinner I told the story of buying a face-kini, and people laughed so hard that they cried.

After dinner we played our first round of Balderdash, substituting a vacation novel round for Dasher's Choice. Here's how it panned out:

Get Crazy (Movie Title):
1) A New Year's Eve concert with Mick Jagger and Bob Dyland impersonators turns into a riot.
2) In this thriller, a former intelligence officer knows too much and the government's attempts to have him institutionalized go awry when he stages an elaborate escape
3) The story of a failed PR slogan created for the cranberry industry and how they saved themselves.
4) "Crazy Legs" Calhoun is a bow-legged cowboy on the lam, in this western-meets-film-noir comedy caper.
5) Two scofflaws from the Bowery hide out from the cops in a loony bin.
6) In this zany comedy, Buster Keaton is tasked with coralling "Crazy," an errant goat, that is wreaking havoc at the town park.
7) Two 30-something guys steal a convertible and drive east. They open a movie theater in Rhode Island.

Alexander, Child of a Dream (Vacation Novel):
1) Olympius had decided to visit the Sanctuary of Dodona because of a strange premonition that had come to her as she slept alongside her husband Philip II, ing of the Macedonians who lay that night in a wine and food-sated slumber.
2) As foretold, Alexander was born at sunrise, proof to all that he was forged in Apollo's very crucible.
3) His remarkable blue eyes caused many to say that he was the awaited child who would bring peace to the land of his ancestors and glory to the kingdom of Greece.
4) First sleep, then a wakening from that sleep under the constellations of great portent.
5) The sea became suddenly still, the wind stopped, no sound could be heard...and everyone then knew, he was born.
6) Alexander was wakened by Trimalchio, his manservant, with a message that Hephebat, his intended, awaited by the stream.
7) She was marble-white with an orange mane and she noticed him even before he noticed her.

Secret Door (Movie):
1) Two orphans are kept safe in a hidden room.
2) Teenagers locked in a basement find a mysterious key, marked "Secret Door." Is it their means of escape? Or something sinister?
3) An upper-class fancy lady runs a literary salon behind a secret door in a pawn shop.
4) Hippies go on a trip, but not the one they were expecting.
5) American Burglars try to steal secret Japanese documents in Spain.
6) An escaped inmate on the run finds a secret door in a tree trunk, while cutting through a swamp in the bayou. He finds a civilization of advanced alligators sympathetic to his plight.
7) When the fridge opens on new dimensions of space, a housewife finds herself battling trolls and dragons for her return ticket.

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