September 6, 2015

Kitchen Remodel 2015

Now that things have settled down for a week, I can spend a teensy bit of time in the kitchen. My inspiration is Sunday Suppers at Lucques, which I found in a box on the street outside the mamoo's new place. It was clearly someone's go-to for several years, because it's bookmarked, oily, and filled with weird ephemera. 

The recipes are really "of their time" (kind of like the Silver Palate Cookbook) but somehow timeless as well. Today, I'm making a composed salad with Green Goddess dressing, which turned out amazing.

I found myself reading the cookbook on the way to find tile for our new kitchen. We have the cabinets picked out (kinda like our old Ikea kitchen but custom), the floor (green slate, which reminds us of vacations on the coast) and we had to find tile for the backsplash. We looked other places but found our way to Gate 5 Rd. as we did before. 

This time we're buying cheaper tile but found something in stock that we like. Primarily, mrguy likes it. If he's happy, I'm happy. We each have our thing: I get my stove with no vent overhead, and he gets a crazily bourgeois refrigerator.

People wonder why we're remodeling. The kitchen is pretty. But there are drawers that fall off their rails when I use them, and a piece of the fancy stove falls on the ground every time I'm near it. The previous owners didn't bother to bolt the dishwasher to the floor, so until we did it would fall forward every time you opened it. The outlet under the sink, which would be illegal anyway, is just duct-taped to the wall. Then there's this:

When the cats are being pursued by other cats, they throw open the cupboard and take refuge behind the pots. It cracks me up but it isn't sanitary. In the new kitchen, no cats in cabinets.

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