November 15, 2015

An Afternoon Drive

Last Sunday was almost perfect.

First, a reunion with the Real Housewives of [that restaurant where we used to work]. I love them. It's like a huge affirmation when we are together. 20 years ago we spent our Sundays together, working like dogs and covered in pancake batter. Now we're in hugely different places in our lives.

We rotate locations for our get-togethers, and last week's was on the top of the hill. Our host now lives in the former home of the vice president of the local Hell's Angels club. When she and her ex bought the place they found 10 phone jacks in the attic (for the bookmaking) and a coffin. It's now returned to what it once was, a sweet house on a hill with spectacular views.

After our togetherness, I had 4 hours to burn before catching mrguy's improv show. I did a little sentimental tour.

First to visit my grandparents. I have always loved this place. I used to take special trips out here with my mom. We'd clip camellias from the yard and bring them up to fill their urns. They used to pipe organ music into the rooms. Super tremelo-filled music. It really enhanced the otherworldly atmosphere.

And the interiors are super schmancy. Check out this grill work:

My grandparents are here, to the right, at shoe-level. They're in a room with a lot of their friends. I guess all the kids were doing it. 

Because of the drawer situation I always wonder what she and my grandfather are wearing, although I imagine she's not wearing anything. Her husband wouldn't release her for burial, said "Let her rot!!" and my parents had to bribe someone in the city coroner's office to get her back. I do not think of those things when I am here, only of happy times with my mother, peace and of being surrounded by beauty.

I was the last person there, so when they closed up I went to the beach to see the sunset.

And then I drove around town futilely looking for a place to eat that you could get to on a Saturday night. Kind of a drag (cause I was super hungry), and kind of awesome just driving around and listening to NPR for a few hours.


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