December 13, 2015

Sherman's March of Kitchens

Like the people of the South I just want this to be over?

Well we're getting close.

Fresh food was put in place yesterday, and the frozen foods tribunal was held this afternoon. Some extras of things are going to go downstairs with the old fridge. Why am I the keeper of the family decaf that nobody seems to drink on vacation? Genius items (the extra Mussaman curry sauce from the Thai restaurant) stay upstairs. Frequently used items (I know a boy who loves frozen peas!) also stay upstairs. Those few filets of anchovy and tablespoons of tomato paste that I need infrequently but will lose my MIND if I can't find when I need them stay upstairs.

The result is a pretty remarkable fridge. No more rootling around half-bent looking for a beer or soda. No more invisible veggies crammed into bins that can barely hold them. Everything is visible. My potatoes appear to be free-falling in space. 


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