March 8, 2017

European Vacation 2014, Part 11

I'm going to cram the last of the vacation into one post.

On our final day we went back to find the flea market. along the way was this gorgeous building.

I fell in love with these Gmundner dishes.
This mess was so disturbing that I quickly snapped a picture (so I could see what it was all about later) and walked on. Lots of dollies with their tops off (ewww) and then pig dollies with their tops off. I blew it up so you can fully appreciate the horror.

Yikes! Luckily there was more interesting stuff nearby, including the Secessionist Building:

We wound up our final night in Vienna with a traditional meal and a bit of conversation in broken French with a nice couple at the next table. 
 The city looks magnificent lit up and foggy.
The rest of the trip is a bit of a blur. Turns out Trzesniewski has an outpost at the Vienna railway station. And they make little boxes that fit perfectly on the armrest of your train seat. That's pretty snazzy.

Our final hotel was by the Frankfurt airport, and had no nearby restaurants. It was late when we got there, and the only place open was a Chipotle. Not quite what I was looking for, but I recall really enjoying my burrito, my margarita and some Stevie Wonder.

 After that we were on our way home. Sorry it took me so long to post this, but even at home on the sofa with a cold it took me days to do this.

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