May 14, 2017

Catmother's Day 2017

Our pie-liking friend brought us flowers for Catmother's Day.

For my very own sweet mama's day I am staying home and letting the "good daughter" handle. Mom's not entirely in love with this plan, but as I explained yesterday I am letting bigsis do the sexy stuff (and she's also taking one for the team by escorting her to the doctor tomorrow).

I observed mama's day yesterday. Youngest neph and I had lunch with the mama, then I did a service call with AAA to get her battery jumped and drove around for an hour to get it juiced up. I went out to the airport, then through some sketchy neighborhoods by the cemetery then back to her place. I considered reprogramming all of her radio stations to NPR while I was at the controls, but I gave her a mix of NPR, her usual republican radio and the spanish rock station, which was playing some seriously groovy tunes. Too bad I couldn't actually take the mama out for the drive, but she had a hot date with her physical therapist. As I left she could barely keep her eyes open and neither could I :)

Mrguy and I woke up this morning with the realization that we are not 25 any more. After yesterday with the mama and a gig with our Hawaiian band the night before, we are pooped. I am still in my jammies at 5:45pm and...why bother?

The evening will see us eating turnips. It's turnipzeit! Like spargelzeit but a lot less tasty. I have some simmering in dashi, and I'm substituting turnips for green beans in an udon salad, and hopefully that will be the last of the turnips from our recent veggie box. Maybe I'll smother some under the beurre blanc I made last night (beginner's luck -- it was fabulous).

Oh, and there's rhubarb, Man, I love the rhubarbses. Plain, stewed with lots of sugar.

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