July 4, 2017


In April I had a week that seemed like two weeks. I hosted a researcher friend (both at the factory and at home). This was so fun but a little nerve-wracking. Now both she and I have book projects penciled in to the forklift company calendar. 2022 is my year!
Then on the weekend mrguy and I had a fantastic day visiting a local art preserve. The next day we took the mama out to see one of her favorite jazz guitarists. The following two days I worked and spent the evenings with a visiting cousin, mom and bigsis (who we were hosting at our place).

Then the fun started. The following day I was scanning some material for a departing forklift employee, and saw something blurry in the lower right part of my right eye. I blinked a few times and then it dawned on me -- I'm having a migraine aura! This is awesome!! Then oh no -- I don't know if I'm going to get a headache.

It was so pretty. It was a sawtooth shape of jagged triangles -- white with rainbow edges, as if I were looking through a prism (I used to play with a prism as a kid). As I turned off the scanner and went to talk to another archivist who gets migraines, the pattern had doubled, making a second line of these beautiful shapes.

She and I concluded that I was, in fact, having a migraine. There was no time to lose. I didn't want to have a headache at work so I got in the car and hauled it to the Big Brown Box. I waited and...no headache. I had an ocular migraine. Score! I was a little funky and had aphasia for a few hours, but now I know what a migraine looks like. 

Now I have something in common with Hildegarde of Bingen (besides the obvious).

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