September 2, 2007


To follow up on the mall shopping experience, I'd like to discuss bras.

I only ask that my bra do these things:
  1. Cover
  2. Keep items in place
  3. Not reveal itself to the unwary
This isn't much to ask.

Issue 1 is easy. Few bras sit atop the basic area without offering coverage. Issue 2 can be tricky, because strength of material sometimes leads to visibility, which is a violation of the third requirement. Issue 3 is a biggie. The bra item has to fit well enough that there isn't puckering, can't have so much lace that it looks like your frontals are warty, and must not have flappy straps that wander into the field of vision.

So at Nordstromia at the Mall of America I happily worked my way through the selection to find some good candidates. I passed on padded (at my size, who on Earth wants extra padding?) I passed on extra warty lace, or crazy colors that will show through anything. Eventually, I found two serviceable bras that I'm wearing quite happily. Now I need a new rule for buying anti-gravity devices:

I must be able to put it on myself.

Somehow I managed to get it on in the dressing room at Mall of America, where everything is beautiful and wonderful, but now I can't get the things on without an assist.

Too funny.

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