September 19, 2007

The Peak

In this neck of the woods, and among the musical peeps of our acquaintance, a person's favorite burrito is a relationship-defining preference. I have sat through burrito meals at other places, like the place that has deep fried lard points, and the popular place that has peas in their rice and all sorts of citified meat substitutes, but nothing satisfies like The Peak. Nothing.

I went there on a first date with a boy who served me my first heartbreak. Relationship didn't last, but burritos are forever, or 23 years, whichever is longer. After the breakup I'd drive an hour from school just to come to the city, eat my burrito, go to Polly Ann's for an ice cream, and go to the beach.

After I met mrguy, the time came for our first burrito together. I played it cool. "Let's go to %^(* La Cumbre," I said. Big sigh of relief from the driver's side of the 1953 Plymouth Cranbrook. Turns out that there is no other burrito for mrguy. I already knew *he* was the one, but this was just another clue :) Turns out that this was the official burrito of his old band. And it is also the official burrito of his current combo with Mrguy South, who would kindly bring us our burritos across the bay when he'd come this direction. That's friendship.

These days we don't get to The Peak very often, but we had a burrito and electronic music evening a few weeks ago that reminded me why I love it so. Lipstick on burrito.

The vision of happiness.


Dagny said...

*sigh* La Cumbre. I drove past there last week and was so tempted to stop.

Also jealous because you made it to the Solano Stroll. I completely had plans to go but couldn't do to my aunt's birthday. At least I'll be able to make it to Spice of Life.

Oh, and I found my way here via MeatHenge.

Rev. Biggles said...

AHHAHAHHAHAHA, I was just wondering where Dagny came from and low and behold, MH. Funny, that.

Been getting some absolutely STELLAR burritos from Las or Los, no, Las Americas. They're kinda at McBryde & San Pablo avenue. I went a few years ago and wasn't impressed. But the last few logs have been heaven. The ingredients were all done right, the cold things were actually COLD and the hot stuff made the tube hard to hold. Each bite was like having a combo plate in front of you. Each flavor different and the tortilla had been seared just a little on the grill, not steamed. = more flavors. wow.


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