December 13, 2008

Japan 2008, the ride home

The trip ended too quickly. It's the rule.

The breakfast buffet was o.k., but my current favorites remain the Shinkobe Oriental in Kobe or the Mitsui Urban in Tokyo. Mrguy didn't really get to see savory Japan in action.

We said goodbye to the Inari shrine, and took another long pleasant cab ride in one of the be-doilied taxis of Japan. We had planned to take the train to the airport, but our hosts insisted otherwise.

At the airport I looked for the restaurant where AV-san coached me on my noodle-eating technique. It was not open, so we went straight to the ANA Sky Lounge.

This lounge is a tiny slice of airport heaven :) It's a very chill place to listen to slinky jazz and eat complimentary sushi and drink a Carlsberg, perfectly poured by the beer machine.

We were not sad to be at the airport early.

On the flight home they fed us another tremendous meal and I fell asleep watching Hawaii Five-0.

Surprising to note that the meal helped me out with my Omnivore's List. Notice the tiny abalone on my plate?

In the City of Pride and Purpose, taxis have no doilies.


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