December 25, 2008

Some 1954 Pillsbury Bakeoff Winners

Santa brought me a vintage Bakeoff cookbook.
Interesting how tastes change over the years:
  • Licorice Lemon Cake
  • Watermelon Tea-Ettes*
  • Pineapple Sparklers
  • Date Cheese Charmers
  • Crisp Chocolate Tweedies
  • Cheese Round Abouts
  • Lemon Larks
  • Blueberry Boy-Bait
  • Lima Cheese Pie**
  • Thifty Giblet Meal
  • Perky Pear Cobbler

* The secret ingredient in these cupcakes is diced watermelon pickle.
** I would update this recipe with edamame and serve it to my people. No offense to the lima.

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