March 12, 2009

Waikiki Chickadee

Today I puddled up at my desk, because my ipod served up "Waikiki Chickadee".

It reminded me that on our anniversary mrguy serenaded me on ukulele with that very song. He had never done such a thing, and it was so very sweetly sung.

The desk moistening incident this morning was the second time this week that I was moved to tears by music, the first being when the ukulele band rehearsed Danny Boy for St. Patrick's Day. Normally this song does not move me, but I'd never paid attention to the lyrics before, either. They're devastating. I had to run to the bathroom for some tissue, while Auntie explained the waterworks.

I had shared with her that my pop loved this song. He asked for it to be played at his funeral, and when the church would not oblige, we decided to put on a funeral ourselves where Danny Boy could be played in his honor.

I think he would have liked the uke band version on Monday night.

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