November 7, 2009

The Sake Lees Snipe Hunt

Somewhere there in October I had become curious about sake lees. Mrguy had come home from the liquor store with Hitachino Nest beer. The Classic Pale Ale is absolutely delicious. It's aged in sake casks.

Somehow this information was lost in translation, and I thought that it was bittered with sake lees.

A few weeks after drinking this beer, grandmammoo guy and I were driving on the overpass into town. I pointed to the sake factory and asked "Have you ever been there? We should go some time". Mom's response was "It's only 3:15". I interpreted this as: "I'm 81 years old. Let's do it now".

So off we went.

We saw the small museum with beautiful sake implements. Much of it was from a Hawaiian sake brewery that this sake company had purchased in the 1980's. I particularly loved the kitsune, a bucket with one narrow end, like the head of a fox.

After our sake tasting, I asked about sake lees. It turns out that they do sell it, its proper name is kasu and there are all kinds of things that a person can do with it.

Who knew? I didn't buy any kasu then, but I sense a purchase and culinary adventure in my future.

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