June 15, 2010

Japan 2010 Day 1

Our first half day. My only goal was for us to get to Beer Club Popeye in Ryogoku and drink beer while watching sumo.

We watched a few matches at the hotel and then took off.

Here's my view in BCP:

And the menu...I think I had one of the beers with crown next to it, each of which came with a little bite to eat.

My choice for extra bites at BCP for the the rest of the trip became tofu tomato salad, which was served like a caprese, but with a feta vinaigrette. Delicious. I keep meaning to make this at home.

Last time we went to Beer Club Popeye, we forgot to try the hop pizza, so we made certain to have it this time. It turns out that it is a pickled hop shoot pizza. Pizza is a broad definition of what this was, but it was tasty. We will also be making this at home.

Mrguy wore his suave Surly Brewing shirt to Beer Club Popeye, and made a new friend with it. The young brewer who served us that night was so sweet. He's thinking of coming to attend a brewing school near to us. I hope he does and gives us a call.

Having fulfilled our mission, we headed home. 

The train station is feet away from the Kokugikan (sumo stadium), and it was nice to be able to see it on that first day. This also might have been the night that when we got home mrguy bought the refreshing grapefruit drink out of the vending machine, only to find that it had hootch in it!

I miss that beverage. So tasty!

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