June 15, 2010

Japan 2010: The Flight

Let's begin.

mrguy *loved* Japan when we went in 2008. He immediately began plotting for our return. Frequent flier miles were the thing that was going to get us there.

Let's just say we charged a lot of stuff and worked all the angles. By this year we were ready. Thank you, United Miles.

We flew economy. I was a little wary, because I have knee problems *and* back problems and hadn't flown economy overseas in six years (thank you, Hammerslag). I have to say, due to slick seat choices by mrguy, the flights weren't bad.

The food was sufficient in quantity. 

The movies were far away and not when you wanted them, but I watched parts of "Leap Year", "Young Victoria" (did something occur in that movie or not?) and a travel show where a young american engaged in a form of wrestling native to some northern clime.

It really was not long before we arrived, and I had day one already mapped out.

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