July 31, 2011

Russodad 2011, Day 1

Ahhh. It is finally vacation.

We're catching up and eating Jelly Bellies and watching the blue herons and the duckweed in the water.

The happy nattering of the jigsaw puzzle hoverers includes a multi-generational discussion of how many mandatory readings of Das Kapital were had by the classes of '77 and '97 at a certain hippie university. Mrguy continues to summon funny stories that I have never heard.

The living room crowd are discussing current experiments aimed at composting human waste and whether certain people who brought styrofoam plates to vacation should have a talking to.

All is well.


My nephew to his daughter: You know you came from a family of superheroes, don't you? We don't really talk about it.

Nephew to his uncle: What's your power?

Uncle: Modesty.

Our grandniece: What's your power, Daddy?

Nephew: Forgetfulness.

Me: I can scale small furniture with my shin.

Mrguy: I am really good at drinking beer.

Uncle to a different nephew: Your superpower, if I understand correctly, is to fetch beer

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