July 6, 2011

Three's a Pair

We lived in the City when cable television exploded and there was the prediction, not yet realized, that there were going to some day be hundreds of channels to choose from.

We spent one hilarious evening with friends musing over what content would fill that many channels. We foresaw the Golf Channel, thinking it absolutely stupid. And we decided that there should be the Danish Game Show channel. It would feature classics such as Wheel of Gouda and Three's A Pair. I can't recall that we devised the rules to Three's A Pair, but it's cracked us up ever since.

This weekend I found Three's A Pair of another sort on a website that I followed after reading about the groom's business in the NY Times Vows section.

The site is called Little Miss Matched, and they sell pairs of three socks.

Check them out!

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