March 18, 2012

Hawaii 2012, Day 2

We just had a few simple goals: KCC Farmer's Market, Heiva I Honolulu (Tahitian dance festival) at the Waikiki Shell, and dinner with the Farmer's Daughter. Mission mostly accomplished.

KCC was terrific. It's surprising how much busier it is than in January when we usually go. We completely revitalized the economy by buying crazy vegan / raw food, poi, sweet potato cookies and fresh-bbqed abalone. This was my first abalone experience and I'm sorry to say that I didn't care for it.

Streets in Honolulu were blocked off for the St. Patrick's Day parade, so we kept our car up the hill and walked down to the Tahiti Fete.

It was hot and sunny. When we got to the Shell, we noticed that there weren't any seats in the shade, so we passed. We did, however, sit in the shade outside the Shell and cool off while listening to the music. On the way back up we could see the backstage area. Reminded us of the Aloha Festival, minus the fog and goosebumps.

Pho 1 was as cool, crisp and delicious as I remember. Antique Alley was its sweet amazing self. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable, and always have a story to tell.  I found some really weird ephemera to bring home. This is the only place in Honolulu that sells old, weird stuff and gives you a sense of adventure. I highly recommend it.

Our trip home took us past the convention center, just in time to see many cosplay folks leaving the anime convention.

The centerpiece of our day was hanging out with the Farmer's Daughter and her lovely husband. We went back to La Mariana for this, which was the perfect setting. No St. Patrick's day nonsense, a completely mellow setting. I know we just met, but I have missed her, and it was fun to meet her husband, whose blog name is just formulating. We're going to meet up later in the week for a little business and a little pleasure. FD and I are trying to see if we can find a way to work together...

Tomorrow we're headed to the farm...

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