March 10, 2012

A Saturday

It's been a while since we've had a restful Saturday. Last weekend was Maternal Tax Bunker 2012. The week before that we visited our beloved and very ill auntie. The week before that I was under the weather. Which brings us to today.

We had three entirely satisfying estate sales. 

Lunch in a log house. 

Bought a new traveling uke, with which to get the flock out of Dodge. 

Took a big power walk. 

The monthly auction catalog is online!

Soon I will punish my glutes and make my physical therapist happy.

Then to the kitchen to make some soup because I apparently didn't have enough at lunch.

The only speck in the frosting, so to speak, was an odd encounter with an old friend after which I have inferred that I am to be avoided. Message received.

And the sun just peeked out from the foreboding clouds :)

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